A young lad penetrates the surface of literature

Growing up all throughout schooling I’ve been taught that there are right answers and there are wrong answers. Science, maths, history, geography and many other subjects, all usually require correct answers to pass the class. This is what always intrigued me about English. Sure there were comprehension questions and other test style questions that required correct answers, but the open world of reading and writing always drew me in, causing English to be the class I earnestly awaited the most. I longed for the chance to let my imagination run free.

My initial love for writing was actually sparked by some friendly, rugby teammate banter. I was about 15 years old, living in Sydney Australia at the time, and playing rugby ¬†locally for my school. Our team was going through a phase of ‘rap battles’ where basically two blokes would square up and go toe to toe in a battle of words with the volume of the crowd ultimately deciding who walked away victorious. Well, what started off as friendly banter quickly became severely competitive as we all started preparing our ‘raps’ well in advance. We would write them down in our English class, and memorize them before the big day. My desire to insult my mates through lyrics that rhymed lead me to accidentally gaining a love for poetry.

Poetry would definitely have to be my favorite writing form. Music lyrics have always intrigued me, as well as traditional poems. I really appreciate the talent involved in being able to string words together in a way that either rhymes, or tells a story while keeping the reader drawn in at all times. I struggle with getting bored a lot when I read, so I too am fond of how concise poems tend to be.

If anybody is looking for a rap battle, hit me up.



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