Journalism: The Bridge Between Sport and Writing

I have always been a very passionate sports fan. As I have aged throughout the years, I have been able to learn about/grow interest in many sports. Some of these include: Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, American Football, Baseball, Aussie Rules Football, and many more. As I have grown older, the list has narrowed down quite a bit, but my passion for the now few sports, has not decreased at all. I am still a huge fan of sports and everything to do with them.

Sport has taken off recently as a dominant provider of entertainment due to the growing internet and social media influence. Athletes are most certainly celebrities and their growing popularity has caused huge media influences throughout the world of sports that simply weren’t there years ago.

So now where does writing fit in? Well, one of the many benefits of todays internet is that we all have access to pretty much any piece of literature we could want. Now not to discredit libraries, but the accessibility that the internet offers makes it a high priority when searching for articles or books of any sort. This allowed me to venture into the world of sports writing, with an emphasis on journalism. I have always loved learning about sports and reading the articles posted online have helped me gain the edge on my mates when comparing our knowledge.

Perhaps I can make a paper work out of this, perhaps not. All I know is writing holds huge weight in todays day and age considering sports. Writing is fat.



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